Hello! I'm Katie.

Behind every brand or nonprofit cause is a compelling story. My questions for you are: Do you know what your story is? Where, how, and to whom is it being told?

My experience at the intersection of the marketing, creative, and nonprofit industries allow me to serve as your guide.

▹ I picked up a pencil and began scribbling short stories in the fourth grade. My love of creative prose has trained me to write every piece, from marketing copy to cultivation emails to social media ads, from a storytelling perspective. Who is your character and what is their problem? Who is their guide? (Hint: it’s you.) What is your plan to lead them to success and avoid potential downfall? I’ve also learned how to turn inquisitive, real-life interviews into story form. This has birthed an additional niche - writing true, journalistic narratives about world-changing people.

▹ I picked up an understanding of integrated marketing channels in my college business classes, which led to a career in which digital marketing was an essential component. Paid advertising, website creation, social media, email campaigns, design - the learning has been trial-by-fire, plus plenty of analytics tracking!

▹ I picked up a camera three years ago when my best friend taught me what “shooting manual” meant. An instant sense of, well, fun, launched my time spent behind a lens. I’ve found it to be a seamless addition to storytelling and digital marketing. 

When I’m not dreaming up new ideas or furiously typing on my keyboard, you might find me running, reading, or lounging on a patio. Anyone could be my new best friend. And if the Enneagram is like a second language to you, I’m a seven.


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